Have you seen pictures of those polar bear dashes where everyone bares all and races to the sea or a pond with ice gathered along the edge? Have you dared try it?

Baby, that’s cold!

A recent a magazine article listed the benefits of ending your shower with 30 seconds or more of cold water. That would be like taking my own polar bear plunge, I thought. There must be lots of benefits, or why would people be silly enough to do it?

Cold water benefits

It could keep you from getting the common cold. How that works is the shock of the cold water stimulates the blood cells to improve your immune system.

The cold water could improve your metabolism because it takes calories to push your body’s temperature back where it belongs. Wouldn’t that be cool!

Circulation could improve as your body is pushed into survival mode to maintain it’s core temperature.

The research is still out on it, but a dousing of cold water might even improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

 Wow! If 30 seconds in cold water did all those things, I’m all for it.

My daily log of cold water torture

Day 1 I stepped under the waterfall of cold water at the end of my shower. A few sprinkles of ice hit my skin. OMG! I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. If I had a heart problem, it would be all over.

Day 2: After I finished the shower, I gradually increased the amount of cold water coming out the shower head.  Doing great. You go girl! One arm, up to my shoulder, enjoyed the chilly water. The other arm and my head were drenched in the icy water. It was enough progress for one day.

Day 3: My mind’s made up. Today, I’ll do it all. Hair and body slathered with soap. Conditioner on hair and rinsed out. I’m ready. Carefully mixing more cold water into the warm, the temperature felt about right. Left arm in, right arm in, head and today, face were all introduced to the cool water. Add a tiny bit more cold water to make it uncomfortable.

Then I pirouetted like a fast ballerina exposing my whole body to the chill.  Yikes! A cup of hot chocolate might be needed to warm me up.

Baby, that’s cold!

Day 4: This is the day! All or nothing. I set the water temperature at a mixture of hot and cold so that it felt icy. Stepping under the stream of water, I held my breath for a minute which helped a little. It reminded me of jumping into my hometown swimming pool before it was heated.

When was I ever this cold? My teeth couldn’t even chatter. It was raining ice cubes down on me. I might have lasted fifteen seconds holding my breath the entire time.

According to Healthline, after increasing the cold water each day, in seven to ten days, I might even look forward to it. Are they kidding?

Are you brave enough to try it? Share your comment with us.

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