The publication of my first book, Finding the Good, wasn’t quite what I expected. As worry lines creased my forehead, I flipped through the pages for the initial time. Will anyone buy it, read it, and find it inspiring. By making myself and Larry vulnerable, did I tell too much or too little? Will exposing some dark spots make others judge us harshly? Did the stories of the dogs convey our love? Who will be hurt because they weren’t mentioned or acknowledged? These questions and more live with me. Now, the book is finished and in print, so there’s nothing I can do to change any of it even if I wanted to.


Finding the Good is a story told from MY memories. Someone else, including Larry, would have their own version because their memories would be seen from their point of view. However, I can only tell what I saw and felt. Rereading my journal entries, copies of medical reports, and text messages, I relived parts of the past.

The memoir tells about our love and the loss of Larry as it lets you into our lives throughout his illness. It’s about our companions, the dogs. And it’s about going forward without him. Happiness, hope, and heartbreak weave throughout the pages. It’s a memoir. It’s real life.  

Some situations were minimized or skipped entirely. For example, on the day we hauled Larry’s prized RZR four-wheeler from the dealer in Denver where we bought it while we lived there, back to Casper, a mishap occurred. After the young store employee loaded the machine on our small trailer, he and I tried to tie it down to the trailer so it would ride safely. neither one of us knew how to tie it down so it would ride safely. We did our best, and I stopped twice along the way to check the straps and bungie cords. Before we reached Casper, it seemed prudent to check it a third time. When I walked around to the side of the trailer, all of the tie-downs were gone! The RZR rode free and able to jump off the trailer at any point, but it didn’t. Was that a God thing?


I’ve started work on a second book, and this one is about the value of creativity in times of stress and trauma. It’s not making art for commercial purposes, but for the distraction it brings while you struggle through difficulty.

The projects presented appropriate for to anyone to explore and enjoy. I’m hoping this sequel to Finding the Good will be finished and ready to go for publication by the middle of August.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Where did you say my party is?

By now, you’ve guessed that Barney and I are excited about our book party for Finding the Good. So PLEASE come to the party if YOU can. (Ashton Thomas is on 2nd Street where Alopenglow used to be.) Come for chocolate, harp music by Cindy Bower, and books to buy. Barney Welsh Corgi will be there in person. The party will be fun! If you can’t make it but you want to purchase a copy of Finding the Good, you can do that on my website

                           or on Amazon.

Thanks for being my friend!


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