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The book party is scheduled for May 7 from 4:00 till 6:00 at 109 E. 2nd Street in downtown Casper at the offices of Ashton Thomas. If you’re familiar with the town, it’s where Alpenglow used to be located. Everyone is welcome. Special guest will be Barney Welsh corgi.


Just suppose for a minute that you could enter this twenty-one-day bicycle race over the country side of France and a neighboring country. Would you rather watch? It might capture your interest like it did mine. There’s something breathtaking about watching prime athletes test their bodies against the mountains and flats of the land.

Why do those athletes push themselves so mercilessly? They want to be part of the wining team of the most famous bicycle race in the world. Talk about pain and suffering! By the time they reach the top of a summit, some of them can barely breathe. Imagine how they feel as they go all out to win a stage (portion) of the race.

In 2024, each of the twenty teams will begin with eight riders. Every team picks a leader who they protect during each part of the race. The winner of the Tour de France is a single person from one of the teams – not the entire team members who contribute to the win. This year, Jonas Vingegarrd of Denmark will be defending his 2023 title.

As you watch the race, the main group of riders, called the peloton, go by like a comet across the sky. When one man in the group wrecks, the pile-up is dramatic. People and vehicles are everywhere including the roadway the cyclers use. It is like a gigantic festival where the riders dodge the various team cars and vans.

 If you’re interested in this year’s race, it starts in Florence, Italy on June 29 so you’d better get your airplane tickets now! On July 21, it will end near Nice, France after around 2,235 miles of ferocious riding.  

You can watch the 2022 race on Netflix and parts of the 2023 race on YouTube. To follow the 2024 race, you can see it on NBC Sports or Peacock.


Okay, you might not be interested in something so difficult. What about participating in an event for us less athletic people? Cheese Rolling, which takes place near Gloucester, England, is open to anyone.

A big cheese is rolled off Copper’s Hill.

 One second later, a timer gives the GO to people who charge after it attempting to be the lucky one to catch the cheese.

“No problem,” you say.

Now really, it should be easy to catch a rolling wheel of cheese, shouldn’t it?

Turns out the cheese ball can reach 70 mph barreling down the hill, so it’s impossible to catch. I don’t know about you, but I’m too old to even try catching a piece of cheese even if the winner gets to keep it.

By the way, standing at the bottom of the hill isn’t be the best place to view the race. Watchers scatter like bees when a bear appears to steal their honey. So many folks have been injured that now a wheel of fake cheese is used.


Maybe you once dreamed of riding in the Tour de France or chasing cheese, but if you’re past your thirties, you might want to look at a less dangerous hobby. I wasn’t ever athletic, so tripping over the lip of the patio is enough excitement for me .Now it’s time to do the things you enjoy and forget about riding that bike over the Alps.

Enjoy your day!


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What I’m reading now:

Fiction: Murder in Havana by Margaret Truman ( the daughter of President Truman.) This book was published in 2001 and concerns the US embargo on goods to Castro’s Cuba.

Nonfiction: Don’t Dump the Dog by Randy Grim tells how to correct bad dog behavior through the use of his outrageous stories.

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