Everyone finds unusual things occurring at unexpected times. It is part of what keeps a life from turning into a boring progression of days just like the ones before. During the last thirty days, several events happened in my life. Each time I said, “Wow! I didn’t expect that!

To begin, earlier in the week, I attended a lunch and learn program on personal time management. Dr. Guyla Greenly, owner of Dandelion Leadership Company, presented several useful tips on getting the most out of our time. And, the lunch she served focused on thoughtfully prepared healthy food. Time flew by giving me a most enjoyable and satisfactory experience.

 What I didn’t expect was that after living for over fifty years in this city, I couldn’t find her office until I phoned her and she told me to look for the green and white striped awning on Center Street.

REALLY! Right there on Center Street? I’d driven past it three times already.

If you’d like information on Guyla’s next lunch and learn, go to Guyla@DandelionLeadershipCoaching.com

A Puzzle

Before the lunch and learn, my new luggage rack for my guest room arrived. When I visit my sister, she has a hotel like baggage frame for my suitcase to rest upon. At my home, guests place their bags on the floor or perch them awkwardly on a chair. Although I don’t have many people stay with me, I decided I could make them feel more welcome by providing a stand for their belongings. It arrived in a compact box. I didn’t expect that it would come this way.

Good grief! It’s a put together luggage rack with a gazillion parts. A goes into B goes into C and D2. My next guest may have a puzzle to work on.


One morning nearly two weeks ago, Barney WC and I were relaxing in our living/dining room when there was a tremendous


  outside the house.

            “The garbage truck must be really sick,” I said to Barney WC as I walked to the window of my study to look out at the offending cause of the noise.

The street was slick from snow and ice. Later in the day it would melt. Not much damage to the house other than the walk-in door, but that fence is a goner. The apologetic young man tried to turn the corner, but his car wasn’t in agreement.

The Biggest Thing I Didn’t Expect

The last unexpected event occurred when the sample copies of my memoir, Finding theGood: A Journey Through Love, Loss, and Living, arrived. Initially, seeing it in book form eclipsed anything I’d imagined.

                                                  I didn’t expect that!

Have a great weekend.


P.S. it never stops, but my cold showers have come to an end!

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