Last week Barney and I had a dress rehearsal where he tried on his black tie. He didn’t show the appropriate excitement, but since I tell him about it every day, he promises to get excited soon. Bath time should help build enthusiasm. it’s party time!

It seems like most parties with dogs are for the people rather than the animals. For example,  Netflix comedian Gabriel Iglesias threw a $100,000 Quinceanera style party for his four-pound pup, Risa.

A Quince is normally thrown when a young lady turns fifteen. Risa at age sixteen or seventeen was barely over that age.

Over 300 guests dressed in formal attire attended along with about twelve other dogs.

While lavish food fed the people, the puppies own banquet station included pupoccinios (whipped cream in cups) along with other tasty treats.

Risa arrived in a lace decorated baby carriage to view the entertainment. A band, a DJ, a violinist, giant robot men, Circus Olay inspired performers, and dancers were all performing.

Throughout the evening Risa wore three custom made dresses. Her brother, eleven-year-old Vinnie and their friend Benny looked dapper in gray suits with pink bow ties.

Wouldn’t you love to have been an uneaten pupoccino at that party?


Please remember to come to Barney and my party on Tuesday, May 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 at Ashton Thomas, 109 2nd Street in downtown Casper. (Where Alpenglow used to be.)

Thanks for being my friend.


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