If you read my last post, you maay be shaking your head just thinking

about a three-minute cold shower. However, you nay sayers and

traditionalists, I have a progress report for you. At the end of my

traditional shower, when that cool water glides down my head and body,

it feels quite refreshing. When I go beyond cool to icy cold, I hop around

like I’m stepping barefooted on a sizzling August sidewalk. By the new

year, I’ll be able to end my traditional shower with a flash of   glacial

water over my body, or maybe not.

As for traditions, maybe your forte isn’t a frosty shower. Maybe your tastes lean more towards holiday behaviors you do year after year.

The memory of our family Christmas rituals are etched in my mindt, but it seemed to me that we had missed something special. For a few years, I bugged my sister, Dee, about the need to come up with a tradition for us.

We thought and we thought .

              We made suggestions.

                                    Nothing worked well.

                       Last year,

we decorated gingerbread houses from kits together

    over face time.

 We shared a lot of giggles and laughs when the walls of the houses wouldn’t stand up and the roofs caved into the middle of the house. After an hour of face time, we drew the finish line. By then, the table and my sweatshirt dripped icing. As soon as we hung up, I rushed to the garbage and swept the entire project into the garbage. Dee’s may have lived longer than that

This year, while shopping, a Christmas light lit in up my mind looked at all the Advent calendars. Here was the perfect tradition. In fact, it was so cool, why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Barney Welsh Corgi can have his very own 22 day Advent calendar. Each day from December 1 through December 22, Barney will get one new toy or a special treat. He’s going to his babysitter’s for a few days, so when I pick him up and he looks at me with his “what are you doing here” look, he will have forgotten the 22 days of special treats. I hope!!!

This idea may catch on. In fact, I bet the pet toy manufacturers will jump for joy when they hear about it. The little cash registers in their minds are already heating up.

You nay sayers and traditionalists may roll your eyes in disbelief because you didn’t think of it yourselves.

Send a comment about a Christmas tradition you follow each year.

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