Read Carol’s heartwarming story about how Barney Welsh Corgi became her housemate.

works in progress

Finding the Good:
A Journey through Love, Loss and Living

Carol Chapman’s first book is a memoir about the path she traveled learning to care for her husband, Larry, when he developed a glioblastoma brain tumor. Carol’s story takes them from Alaska to the suburbs of Denver and to their Wyoming home. She shares many caregiver tips she learned as she struggled with uncertainly, fear, and heartbreak. Filled with love, dogs, and faith Carol battled their insurance company, drank numerous cups of double-shot chocolate mocha, and discovered her own identity.

Mrs. Belmont’s Home for G-girls, A Mystery

Lily Abbott knows the sting of rejection. A series of rebuffs has reduced her self-confidence to a new low. When she hears the government needs 100,000 women to fill civilian office jobs in Washington, D.C., she believes this chance to help win WWII will solve all her problems. However, Lily doesn’t count on mysterious spies and dead bodies. Will they be enough to bring her back to life?



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