A wonderful new year is here. This post should have gone out yesterday, New Year’s Day.

“Well then, why didn’t it?” you ask.

“It’s simple. I played hooky and had a late breakfast with my great nephew, Ethan. In the afternoon, I went to see the movie, The Boys in the Boat, which I highly recommend if you like to see the underdog win.”

“Fine,” you say. “It was a holiday, but there were several free hours you could have worked,”

“Sure. I might have, but it would have been my 54th wedding anniversary with Larry Chapman if he had lived. So, I did what I had to do make me happy. I shopped online for books.”

Like I need more books I mutter to myself.

That explains it.



At last, a final name has been chosen for my memoir to be published in March. It is to be called:

                                                 FINDING THE GOOD

                                                            …a journey of love, loss, and living

Now, I’m looking at cover options. OOH! It’s getting so exciting.


Life with Barney Welsh Corgi is a trip. I think he’s like a person at times. He knows he is!

So, when I go out of town, Barney stays at his babysitter’s house where he gets treated like he thinks he should be. He loves going to Lynn’s. She has a cat he can terrorize and other dogs to race and wrestle with.   

After Barney has been home for a day or two, he always decides to sit in his favorite chair. He isn’t allowed to do that because he sheds like snowflakes in a blizzard. Hair flies.

When I catch him, I talk sweetly to him before lifting him to the floor. After three or four days, he figures out he isn’t going to get away with sitting in there . . . unless I’m not at home.

Lynn sent me this photograph of my adorable boy while he stayed with her recently.

That explains it!

Barney’s a happy boy and I’m a happy girl.

Enjoy your day.


P.S. I tried my best, but the cold blast of water at the end of a shower didn’t seem worth the chance of stubbing my toe in a race to get away from it. Cool water, yes. Cold water, no.

Barney’s 22 days of Christmas needs some redesign work for next year.

The new diet started today.

P.S.S. What’s the one thing you’d like to do in 2024?

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