We live in a land of choices. That’s cool, but it’s daunting when there are 32 kinds of breakfast bars lined up on the grocery store shelf all screaming, “Pick me. I’m the best one for you. Pick me.” How do you make a choice when they are all slightly different flavors and weights so you can’t compare them? Sometimes the Land of Choices is exhausting.

Recently at the store, I noticed Nabisco has a new limited-edition flavor of Oreos with pink and blue filling in the middle of the two outside chocolate wafers. Called Space Dunk Oreos, the filling is cosmic cream with popping candy. What do you suppose those taste like?

Wait a minute! There were at least a dozen flavors of Oreos displayed on the shelves allotted to them. The section went from the floor to the topmost shelf. When did that happen and where are the original cookies I loved? You know, the ones with the chocolate wafers and smooth vanilla cream. I could eat dozens of them at a time.

Now, trying to concentrate on reading the names on the different packages confused me. What kind did I want? It was an important choice since a bag of Oreos now costs nearly five dollars. After settling on Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, I moved on to finish the rest of my shopping.

One of their choices. Yum!

Later, at home, the internet told me Nabisco, now owned by Mondelez International, has over 85 different flavors. Wow! Their Kettle Corn Oreos and Watermelon Oreos sound disgusting. And, what about Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Oreos or Root Beer Float Oreos. Are they good sellers?

One article told about a guy who reported he tried 82 of Nabisco’s Oreo flavors. His favorite flavor was Apple Cider Donut Oreos. I can’t even imagine it. The all-time worst flavor is believed to be their Banana Split. Next to Banana Split comes Cherry Cola Oreos. That I can believe!

Are all these choices necessary or even wanted? Studies show choice overload makes it hard to decide on cookies at all. It seems that with all the choices we make daily – estimated at 35,000 – people don’t really want to decide on which of the 46 types of cereal to buy for the kids. These decisions add more stress to an already full life.

It blew me away to learn that the sweet spot for choices is between 8 – 15 choices. Are they kidding? Dairy Queen seems to do pretty well with their two choices – vanilla or chocolate.

Without a doubt, the land of choices is the best place on this planet to live, but just give me plain old chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce, a touch of caramel and a dollop of fluffy marshmallow on the top. Maybe a spoon full of nuts and some of those chocolate sprinkles would finish it off. Let me see.  I’ve just made six choices. No wonder my head hurts.

Have a great week.


P.S. They say it takes two hours to make and bake one Oreo. Nabisco produces 40 billion Oreos a year in 18 countries. Now, that’s a lot of cookies.

For more information on Nabisco’s Oreos, go to oreo.com

What’s your opinion. Do we have too many choices for items we want ?

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