Do you ever feel like the clock is running faster than you are? At the end of the day, do you wonder what you’ve accomplished? Time flies, and I’ll give you a suggestion for how to make it more manageable when unexpected interruptions hit you.


While I drink my coffee in the morning, I check my list of things I want to complete during that day.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Make a list, do the items, and get a giddy feeling as I cross them off. For some reason, it rarely happens that way. What about those unexpected things that pop up and steal time?

The List


In love with my colored markers,

I used to color over each item that I finished.

But, now I scribble them out and when all the

things for the day are done, I get to color the

name of the day in with my favorite shades.

The other morning, as I ran my eyes over the list, my phone rang. One of my older neighbors was on the line when I answered.

Her unsure voice asked, “Could you tell me how to get to the social security office downtown? I know it is in the post office building, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“Oh sure, that’s easy,” I replied as I began to give her directions even though I know that skill is beyond me.

“Well, I’ll drive back down town again and try to find it. My husband always took care of these things,” she said in a frail voice.

We hung up, but I felt uneasy, so I called her back.

 “What if I take you to the social security office, and then we’ll go to Sam’s Club and pick up some bags of popcorn and your bottles of wine?”  

“Oh, that would be wonderful,” her more cheerful voice replied.

The trip to the social security office went well, and minutes later, we were back in my car on our way to Sam’s. After finding a convenient parking spot, we breezed into the store, located what we wanted and were headed home within fifteen minutes.

Wine in Bottles

 I felt good, really good.

It wasn’t noon yet, so after lunch I’d still finish lots of the things on my list.

When I turned a corner, the unmistakable tinkle of glass hitting glass reminded me of the two bottles of wine in the back of my car.

Parking on my neighbor’s slanted driveway, I reached down and pressed a button which popped up the back door of my SUV. The crash of glass splattering on the concrete was unmistakable. Jumping out the driver’s door, I was relieved to see that only one bottle of wine had smashed.   It’s liquid contents was running into the gutter. The second bottle remained in the car.

Meanwhile, Barney, the best corgi in the world, jumped out the open driver’s door. His detective nose began to case her yard. “Barney! For heaven sakes, you don’t need to smell every spear of grass. Come on,” I called to him coaxing him to follow me across the street to our house. Barney stayed home while I cleaned up the wine bottle mess.


By now it was 1:00 and time for lunch. I turned on Netflix for company while I ate.

“Look at that, Barney! Netflix has all eight seasons of that silly detective, Monk. I love that show.”

 The first episode was one that continued into the second episode. What could I do? Watch both, right?

Then, Barney wanted his walk. After that, my sister called for a lovely chat. The next thing I knew, it was 6:10. This was serious time flying. Where had the day gone?

What could I cross off my list? Almost nothing.  

Then, I remembered one of the most important things I learned about time management during the last month. Everyone should have a list of their life priorities. When unexpected things arise, think about that list.


Mine goes like this:

                   1. My health and wellbeing

                   2. Barney is dependent upon me

                  3. Family and Friends

                  4. Reading and writing                  

5. All that other miscellaneous stuff called life

Maybe crossing things off isn’t what counts. Maybe knowing my priorities and acting accordingly is most important. So, if you know your priorities, think of them when the unexpected happens to mess up your day.  I did and that’s why this post is late.                        

Have a beautiful day while time flies.


P.S. Guess what. Now I only have seven and a half seasons of Monk left to enjoy!

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