The tragedy of the Titan submersible in June brought the Titanic story to the forefront of  people’s minds. Our babysitter took my brother, sister, and me to see the film, A Night to Remember when it was released in 1958. I still see a picture in my mind whenever I think of the unsinkable ship.     

 Since the Titan’s implosion, I wonder about the liability of OceanGate, the owner of the submersible. Will they, like the Titanic’s owners, the White Star Line, be found not legally to blame?

Here are some interesting Titanic books I’ve read recently.

Titanic Survivor is a memoir written by Violet Jessop and annotated by John Maxtone-Graham. Violet, a stewardess aboard the ship survived the ordeal and told about it in her book. She also survived the sinking of the Britannic during WWII where she served as a hospital nurse.

A recent historical novel, The Second Mrs. Astor by Shana Abe tells the scandal-ridden story of divorced Colonel John Jacob Astor, and his marriage to eighteen-year-old Madeline Force, who was twenty-nine years younger. How could the wealthiest man in the world die in the disaster?

Gill Paul’s Women & Children First is a story about the Titanic shipwreck with a fictional account of four passengers as they tried to rebuild their lives afterward.  

 Two weeks ago, I rewatched A Night to Remember which is considered the most accurate movie made about the tragedy. The picture I’ve kept in my mind of the majestic ship sliding down into the Atlantic Ocean while the band played on came from that movie. In the end, it’s the story of the people aboard the Titanic that has captured my imagination for all the years.  

What other good Titanic books have you read?

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