Elizabeth Alexander has written a gorgeous, lyrical memoir with the marks of a poet throughout . The smooth way The Light of the World portrays the author’s love for her husband, Ficre Ghebreyesus, and her anguish at his sudden death is pure beauty. By the end of the book, Ficre is shown as clearly as if we had a photo and a look inside his head.

Caring for their two sons helped ground Ms. Alexander after her great loss. By allowing us into their family life, she shows what’s most important to a well-lived life. To write like Ms. Alexander is a gift practiced and studied for years. It’s no wonder The Light of the World was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist.

Although I don’t reread most books, here is a keeper to read again and again for the flow of her words.

This book along with her poetry and essay books are available through Amazon.

What do you think? Will you read this book? Please let me know in the comment section your thoughts about it.

Happy reading till next time.

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