“You do something to me,

                       Something that simply mystifies me.”

-Cole Porter

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I have a story to share, but first what is love?

Love can be the romantic kind like between two people. There is the kind of love you share with families and friends. Of course, there is the love between a human and an animal or an object like chocolate. In all cases, love is emotional with tender feelings for another person or thing.

A Dog Story

Barney, at two and a half years old, With that in mind, think about the two gold and white Welsh corgis who normally get along well. is four months older than Biscuit which is like many relationships where the man is older than his partner. Barney is also slightly bigger. To look at them, they are a cute pair.

However, Biscuit has a bigger, louder growl than laid back Barney, and she likes to boss him and snip at his face. When she gets too aggressive, Barney ignores her or wants to go home.

Biscuit is on the step. Barney has a white fur collar. He’s below her.

On one occasion, Biscuit came for a play date in our yard. As she and her man were getting ready to leave, Biscuit growled and bit Barney who decided he was not having that. A bit of a tussle ensued before they separated, and Biscuit set off on her way home.

The next day, on our walk, Barney refused to pass Biscuit’s house as we had always done before. Instead, he dragged me across the street where we walked down the sidewalk across from her place. After we passed her home and two others, he pulled me back to Biscuit’s side of the street where we continued on our way.

So the following day, Barney allowed us to stride down the concrete running in front of Biscuit’s house. He kept his black nose in the air and did not glance her way. Barney had no interest in stopping to say hello.

On the third day, as we approached Biscuit’s home, Barney turned toward her fenced backyard where Biscuit stood with her big brown eyes surveying him through the wire with interest. Barney ambled up the driveway toward her. When he stood close to her, the pair touched noses like newlyweds following their first big fight. After several nose kisses through the fence, Barney turned and started back down the driveway. With their tiff ended, he trotted toward home.

 What is love? Was this an example of it or was this simple animal behavior?

What do you think?

In the comment section, please share your thoughts.

Have a great week.


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